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How to deploy VBA-based Excel 2013 solution to users

I have created a VBA-based solution but have found that I'm uncertain how to best deploy this from my machine to the various users.   There are a number of issues:

1)  Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)- Commands available in all workbooks
I had thought it made sense for the user to invoke the macros by adding commands to the the (QAT) as highlighted below.  Unfortunately this change has resulted in those commands being displayed in the QAT for all worksheets.  Is there away to only have these buttons presented for the relevant xlxm?  If not, what is a better way to present the user with the macros?

2)  Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)- Commands aren't available when copying xlsm to user's machine
When I copy the xlxm file to a user's machine I need to manually add the command buttons to the QAT.  As above, is there way for the QAT commands to be retained between machines or is there a better solution to presenting the macros to the user?

3) Macros no longer work when renaming file
If I rename the file I get the error below if I try and run the macro:

How can I best configure my solution so it is available regardless of the file name?  Here is what the project looks like currently:
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