unable to install Acrobat DC - Creative Cloud


i have a customer running server 2008 R2 and they want to install Adobe Creative Cloud.

i can install all apps, the only app i cannot install is Acrobat DC - Writer.

i got error:

Exit Code: 7
Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR: DW003, DW071 ...

-------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

 - 0 fatal error(s), 2 error(s)

----------- Payload: Adobe Acrobat DC 15.10.20056.0 Adobe Acrobat\Setup.exe_15.010.20056 -----------


ERROR: DW003: Third party payload installer Adobe Acrobat\Setup.exe failed with exit code: 1602


i tried everything i can find online but no luck...
Rik Van LierCEOAsked:
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are there any old Acrobat, Adobe Reader or other PDF writers installed?

It may be sensible to run the Cleaner Tool provided by Adobe and try again.

Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
the cleaner tool i already tried with nu succes.
I thought as much, when you said you tried all you could find as this is pretty well documented...

Could it be a permission issue (local account, non admin...etc)?

Any security programmes/policies running that may prevent installation of a printer?
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Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
i install this in a DC admin account. even tried to install this on a local admin account. no succes.

and also, installing photoshop does word, only acrobat dc does not work...
That is what makes me think that something stops it from installing a printer or perhaps even additional fonts. There could be a Policy setting that prevents this on system level rather than user level...

On desktop PC you get similar errors when fonts are installed that clash with Adobe, removing these fonts helps to complete the installation. This is usually due to exotic or copyright protected fonts which is not common for servers hence I am not sure if that would apply here.
Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
strange, i installed acrobat writer stand alone and this worked. the cloud version does not work

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Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
i found the solution
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Adobe Acrobat

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