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unable to install Acrobat DC - Creative Cloud


i have a customer running server 2008 R2 and they want to install Adobe Creative Cloud.

i can install all apps, the only app i cannot install is Acrobat DC - Writer.

i got error:

Exit Code: 7
Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR: DW003, DW071 ...

-------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

 - 0 fatal error(s), 2 error(s)

----------- Payload: Adobe Acrobat DC 15.10.20056.0 Adobe Acrobat\Setup.exe_15.010.20056 -----------


ERROR: DW003: Third party payload installer Adobe Acrobat\Setup.exe failed with exit code: 1602


i tried everything i can find online but no luck...
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