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Login Issue

Dear Experts,

I am totally new to the servers. In our company domain & other configurations was done by another guy who had left already. So in our environment there are 3 domains i.e. D1 ; D2 & DR.  D1 is the primary domain.  So all the users should login in from either D1 or D2.  But here in most of the cases users are getting logged in from DR .  If the users gets logged in from  DR then most of the times i get policy issue i.e. DFS is disabled.  If they login from D1 & D2 everything works fine.

 1st  2 servers are Windows server 2012 & the DR is Windows Server 2008
Please suggest me what to do so that all the users should get logged in from the 1st two DC's.


Active DirectoryWindows Server 2008Windows Server 2012

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