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New home network - best option for future proofing?

Hi all,  my wife and I are in the process of building a new home, and am after any advise, design considerations or technical input into the best future-proof network to put in place (say 40 years+). 2 story home,  thinking 9 to 10 points through out the house, also may run home security / cameras over it. I've never been let down by a good hardwired network - but wifi sure is amazing now.  Considering more and more homes are being connected with Fibre Optic - would this also be a good internal option?

Options considering:
- Cat 5e
- Cat 6e
- Fibre Optic
- Wifi

Would love to hear any advice out there.  Obvious Fibre Optic would be great, would require optic to ethernet adapters (for now) and may well cost a lot for routing/patch panelling. Cat cabling would be most efficient I would think. Maybe Wifi is all i need (perhaps with a booster/repeater - just to give some range)

Thanks in advance!
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