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How to configure windows 2012 WSUS server to fetch updates from Microsoft and deploy the updates to Win7 workstations.


We were using Windows 2003 server and XP couple of years before. A company Virtualised all our servers to windows 2012 and windows7 .The Company who did our virtualization installed a new WSUS server on a Windows 2012 platform and by them they went into administration.

Now, I am not sure how much they have configured the WSUS server to fetch the updates from Microsoft and deploy these updates to all our windows 7 workstations and servers.
I am not familiar with WSUS and now would like to make sure all our PCS in our network are up to date with the Microsoft updates.

Please see the attached snapshot of the WSUS server configuration and let me know if you need any further information
Please let me know how to check and make sure if the server fetches the updates from Microsoft and deploys these updates to all our windows 7 workstations and our servers.

Currently, once in 3 months I take one of the PCs and run all the Microsoft updates and reimage all the PCs (which is not the appropriate)

Any help would be really grateful.

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