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Notebook lifetime?


I have an old Dell Inspiron 15 N5010 (purchased in 2010).

Now I loaded Windows 10 install on it and have had some problems with the Hard Drive temp
getting to 40C. (I think for memory - enough that Acronsis Drive monitor came up with a warning).

Also had issues with it not recognising an external USB hard drive.

Now, I know this might be speclative - but I realize that hard drives and by extension have
only have an expected lifespan.

Given what is happened above and its age - do u think I should be concerned about hard drive
sytem failure. Given it looks like the maximun warrenties Dell seem to offer are only 4 years.

The system is 6 years old now. Am I over-reacting at this point? Or should I be concerned.
And I guess in general what is a reasonable expectation on how long something like this should last.
Assuming well treated etc.

I looked up the hard drive part number and Toshiba drives only have a one year warrenty.


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