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Format the drive if domain is not available maybe?

Is there anything out there or does anyone have any idea of how would i achieve next:
We have a lot of PC's in the company. Windows 7 64 bit all. Is there any way that if someone take the PC out of the building and tries to start it, it automatically delete/format HDD?
Reason is sensitive information stored so we want to make sure if someone stills a PC it wont be useful. Now i understand that everything is retrievable including the formatted drive but at least we will feel better if someone takes it and is not that tech savvy.  
Encryption of the drive is not an option because you would have to share password among users that potently will be the one stilling a PC.

I was thinking like some kind of network authentication, since we are on a domain. If domain is not available, format the drive. There, if someone stills the PC or brings it outside the network it will format the drive. Also in the boot process it will make sure domain is available before it boots all the way to the Windows log on.

If anyone has any other idea, please let me know and also how to achieve this. As of now i do not know of any program that exists that will do this.
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