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Stuff data into one record

I have the query below, that displays the results like this:

What I need in the results is something like:

 lastnm                            firstnm              licensenum            licensestate
 Perez/Mucino               Juan/Aleks        423323/1234           Texas/Florida

Which is basically putting the results of both records and stuffing them into one record separated by a  '/'  sign.

How can I do this ?

I am using MS SQL 2008R2 and classic ASP.

Here is my current query which returns two or more rows (rarely more than two). I would probably be happy if it takes the top two records and stuffs them into one separated by '/'

SELECT   b.MaidenNm AS lastnm,
        b.MailStr AS firstnm,
        b.MajFldStudy AS licensenum,
        b.Pob licensestate
FROM    dbo.Atts AS a
        INNER JOIN Users b ON a.UserId = b.UserId
        LEFT JOIN dbo.FirmAddresses AS c ON c.Id = b.FirmAddressIdcon
WHERE   b.UserType = 'attorney'
        AND a.Xfer2Forms = 1
        AND a.CaseId = 11318
ORDER BY a.Ordernumatts ,

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