keyboard or spybot/virus issue

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I just re-imaged my machine and verified that a US keyboard is enabled, but I still keep having issues with the keyboard.  When I type letter keys such asdf, I'm succesfull; however, when I attempt to type numbers like, 123, I get !@# as the result.  I've tried to enable and disable the shift key and no luck.  I've also tried the CAP locks and no luck.

Again, I already re-imaged to factory settings and still issue continues. I also ran combofix, malwarebytes, super-antispyware and dice.
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Matt MinorTechnical Systems Analyst
Can you try swapping the keyboard entirely, just to rule it completely out as the cause?
IT Director
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I would say its a faulty keyboard.  Or you have some special shift lock on the numbers.

Try pressing the shift key 5 times to see if it turns that lock off.

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