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Switch bandwidth bottlenect

So I am working at a clients office and he has a 48 port patch panel which is pretty full, connecting to PC's with Gigabit NICS.  24 of the cables are connected to a small Cisco SR202 switch and the other 24 are connected to a similar switch.  Both Gigabit.  This is where it gets wacky.  He has one cable from each of the Cisco switches plugged into a 48 port HP Procurve switch which has one cable connected to the firewall.  I am trying to get him to lose the two Cisco switches in the middle but I want to know the verbiage when he asks why.  Having 24 ports using a single Cat5 cable as a "trunk" does not make sense to me.  I have been too long out of the switch world to give him a good answer.  Check out my crude diagram attached.
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