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We are Windows 2012  domain environment and we have 10 PCs that only AD group named "Restricted PCs Allowed Group" should be able to log into.
those 10 PCs belong to a AD Security group named "restricted PCs"

Is there a way to restrict access to the AD group only ?

I know on AD the object to restrict access to the PC, but not to the group.

any other alternative if above is imposible?
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Wesley MillerComputer Network Analyst

You can create a group Policy that only allows the users with restricted PC privileges to be able to login to the 10 Pc's.
Anyone else who would try would get a No Login Servers Available message.
Group Policy, computer configuration, windows settings, security settings,  local polices, user right assignments, then the deny statements and allow statements.

1) Create a security group "RestrictedComputers" and put the 10 computers in it.

2) Create a security group "Restricted PCs Allowed Group" and put the allowed users in it.

3) Create a GPO "RestrictedComputersPolicy" and configure the following policy:
Computer Configuration ->
Windows Settings ->
Security Settings ->
Local Policies ->
User rights assignments -> Allow log on locally, and add the following groups:

Administrators (if you want...) and "Restricted PCs Allowed Group"

4) Apply this GPO to the OU containing the restricted computers, and, very important, if this OU contains other computers too, you have to configure the Security filtering and allow only the RestrictedComputers group to apply this policy! (if you have a dedicated OU with just these 10 computers in it, you don't need the group created in step 1...)

Warning: This policy doesn't prevent the users from logging in via RDP !

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