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Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 - AD - DNS - DHCP

Hello all,
I inherited a client that has a Windows 2003 that is running AD, DHCP and DNS.
They also have a Windows 2008 server that is just a server.  It is not in AD has no DHCP nor DNS on it.
Obviously I need to install AD on the 2008 server then transfer the FSMO roles from the 2003 to 2008 server then demote the 2003 server.
No problem there.
My question is about DHCP and DNS.  Do i install those two on the 2008 server after I install AD on the server, correct?  Then do I uninstall DNS and DHCP from the 2003 server all before I transfer the FSMO roles?
Since this is all on the same network (all on the same switch) of 20 PCs and these two servers how long should I have to wait after I install AD, DNS, and DHCP on the 2008 server before I uninstall them from 2003 server?
Kelly W.
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