2 merge statements into 2 targets from 1 source

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Sql server 2k8

I'm on my phone right now so I won't be posting code but can later if necessary
I have a source CTE (srccte) and a merge statement following it using a target (tgttbl) -
Works perfect !
I then wanted to add another target - a second table.  So I wrote another Merge statement after the first Merge statement and I get an error saying that SRCCTE is undefined.

Note that if I comment out either the first or the second MERGE statement the entire code works perfect - it's only when trying to use both that the error occurs.

How would one go about using a second target table? Would I use just one Merge statement and work the second table into the one statement?

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Although you can reference a cte multiple times within a single query you can't across multiple queries.  You will either need to duplicate the cte logic for the second merge statement or dump the data into a temp table to be used by both merges.
Just read that - I was just going to modify the question but was messing with creating a temp table - do you have any code handy for creating a temp table?

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Just use the same CREAT TABLE DDL that you would use for a permanent table:

	ID				INT,
	Profile_ID		INT

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ok cool - thanks !

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