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How to use ... useHTTPS.Value in Access and Status.Text

I am working with a Credit Card company to process transaction through my MSAccess database.  The program pseudo code is for VB6.  I am looking for MSAccess VB equivalent; if there is any.

One of the components is....

Dim bHttps as Boolean

bHttps = useHttps.Value

When I run the code I get this error...
Error Number:  424
Error Description: Object Required

Another problem actually shows when I run the debug ...

after this code ...
iRetVal = HTTPS.SendRequest (then there is a line of information)

If iRetVal = 0 then
  errorResp = Err.LastDllError()
  errorString = "SetupRequest Error: " & errorResp & vbCrLf
  Status.Text = Status.Text & errorResp & vbCrLf & vbCrLf        

the debug error happens on the Status.Text ... error is ...
  Compile error:  Method or data member not found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Microsoft Access

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