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I have added a new SAN switch to our network, but I don't have serial connection, but connected to network, but I don't know the IP address.  From windows, can we find out what are the neighbors  connected to router/switch?
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Matt MinorTechnical Systems AnalystCommented:
Is this a brand-new device? You should know the IP before placing it on the network. You could login to the switch using it's default-ip and then assign a proper static management address to it.
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Does the documentation list a default ip address or that the unit will start in DHCP mode?
Gilbert HauserConsultant informatiqueCommented:

What type of SAN?

May be the default iP is not on your range.

I read somewhere that is the factory IP for B40 SAN

But a good idea is to buy the good serial cable to setup your switch.

To have a look of the IPs on your network, you will find a lot of small soft like AdvancedIP scanner.
if your switch is not your router you could do

>show cdp neighbor details   (for cisco)

from your router

or scan your segment for port 161 (SNMP) as most switches will have snmp open

other idea: tracert from 3 or more pcs and pay attention to the common ip addreses before they get to your router / gateway

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mokkanAuthor Commented:
thank  you
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