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Exchange Connectivity Test not showing correctly

we added a certificate to our on premise exchange server and ran an exchange connectivity test. The certificate isn't showing correctly. furthermore, the autodiscover isn't showing correctly either? Yet, I can go to owa.xxxxxxxx.com/mail and it pulls up the correct login page, authenticates, doesn't have certificate warnings? Outlook users are getting cert warnings.

I checked the hosting company and the mx is correct, autodiscover record is correct ip as well. the website is hosted elsewhere so it has a different public ip address and that is what the exchange server test is pulling.

See attached. for a portion of the exchange test and the other attachment is the DNS records with hosting company. Autodiscover is 96.x.x.218, but the exchange test shows 108.x.x.217?

Cert shown in the exchange test is also entirely incorrect as we use one from Godaddy.
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