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Retrieving the first record for each employee in a table using Oracle SQL

I have a two tables. One table has employees in it with employeeid as the unique key.  The other table is an employee history table with employeehistoryid as the unique key.  The employee history table has multiple records for each employee.  I need to retrieve the most recent employee history record for each employee where the statusid in the employee history table is not 30 or 31.

Here is what I have so far:
WITH emp AS ( 
  SELECT * FROM emp_owner.emp_employee 
  WHERE ( statusid IN (1,2,3,7,8,9,14) OR ( statusid IN (30,31) AND terminationdate + interval '1' day > sysdate ) ) AND LastName IS NOT NULL AND LocationID NOT IN (0,99) 
  ORDER BY LastName, FirstName ),
h AS (
  SELECT EmployeeID, StatusID FROM emp_employeehistory
  WHERE StatusID NOT IN (30, 31)
  ORDER BY EmployeeID, EmployeeHistoryID DESC)
SELECT EmployeeId, 
 FROM h WHERE RowNum = 1) AS CurrentStatus,
 FirstName, LastName
FROM emp;

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The problem is all of the CurrentStatus records are coming back with 1 which is not correct.

Here is an example of what the data could look like:
Employee Table

EmployeeID     LastName     FirstName
1                        Doe                John
2                        Smith             Jane
3                        Jones             Tom

Employee History Table

EmployeeHistoryID     EmployeeID     StatusID
1                                     1                        1
2                                     2                        1
3                                     1                        2
4                                     3                        1
5                                     1                        30
6                                     2                        31
7                                     3                        1

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Given the data above I am looking for the following results:
EmployeeID     StatusID
1                         2
3                         1
2                         1

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Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Sean Stuber

your sample data is missing a few columns to replicate the query

locationid, terminationdate, statusid

I faked it with the following values for each emp_employee record

locationid = -1
terminationdate = sysdate+7
statusid = 1

and then correlating the subquery by employeeid, this returned the data you were looking for

SELECT employeeid,
       (SELECT statusid
          FROM h
         WHERE h.employeeid = emp.employeeid AND ROWNUM = 1)
           AS currentstatus,
  FROM emp;

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Thank you.  That gave me exactly what I needed.
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Oracle Database

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