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Kacey Fern
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Greetings Experts,

I have a Panasonic WJ-NV300 DVR with several cameras.  I'm having a problem loading the GUI on a few computers.

Have 5 computers in total, 2 work, 3 do not.  All settings are the same in Internet settings.  Flash and Java are up to date.

The video guy, said when he originally logged onto the gui there was a download from the DVR, I'm not getting that message on the ones that are not working.    

Also, the one that works has WebMedia Control from Panasonic, in the add-ons.. the others do not.  I'm guessing this is the problem.  

I can't seem to find a manual download.

Directx 11 is installed

Anyone know how to get this add on?  I've seen a bunch of dead ends on the Interweb..


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Hi Kacy I'm not sure about how your trying to setup this up?
According to Panasonic
Easy Operation and Setup without PC you simply add several monitors, adding a mouse to the DVR first
The supported windows is Vista Windows 7 & and windows 8  all x32 bit
Manual/s pdf
they are web browser Books in PDF I'm using Chrome
using the page on the left to select a page then scroll down in the main
I clicked on the 2nd one Installation Guide first  
the other PDF is also available here
Operating Instructions 186 pages PDF is the first but check the 2nd second one first, You can print them out  it is browser book PDF
 The 2nd one Installation Guide 48 pages here you check you have the right hubs and cables and anything else you might need first

Turn to page 22 and it states that users must have a password to log into the recorder
User-HostWhen operating from PCPage 26 explains connecting to a PC via a switching hub.
The first PDF  Operating Instructions using the page on the left to select a page then scroll down in the main
turn to page 52 configuring Network
Enjoy reading and I they should fill in the gaps
Regards Merete
Its a security setting in IE that causes it to ignore the offered ActiveX.  You need to change some settings to get it installed:
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


Davis.. yes I figured this out yesterday and didn't have time to post.
Thanks for the comments, I already had all the security settings before I posted, I mimicked the one that was working and that didn't work.  

Then I tried the compatibility settings, and that fixed it.  Not sure why the other computers worked without this setting.

1.  There is a manual setup link on the DVR box:  x.x.x.x/wvasetup.exe which I ran.
2. Still didn't work, but when I added the IP to the compatibility settings, it then worked.  Got the normal login page.

I did this on 2 computers.  the first one showed the cameras right away.  The second seems to work, but it has a message on the screen to wait, like it's caching the image or something.  Computer might be slow.  I left it for a half and it didn't finish, so I'll check back later today or tomorrow.  I'll post to see if this is the fix and accept your answer, that link is what people will need to fix.
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I don't have a clue as to why; but, Panicsonic did not have any links to download the wvasetup which is dumb on their part, IMHO.
Does the user on the 2nd PC have local admin rights and/or is there another version of the Active X installed?
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Kacey FernSystem Engineer


MASQ, what will that software do to get me to be able to log into the gui?  Just want to know before I try and install.  I don't need it on the other comptuers.

On second computer
user is local admin, not part of a domain

I have ip in trusted sites
I have IP in compatibility settings
When I browse to ip, I get the correct screen and can see login button
I can log in, I see cameras on left
I get the PW box that says the default is still active and to change.
On the viewing screen, It says "Please Wait"
DirectX diagnostic tool displays DirectX version: DirectX 11

If I click on one of the individual cameras, nothing happens.
I went into browser settings and enabled or clicked prompt, for all active X settings, even the unsecured ones, just to see if I could get it loaded.

Any other ideas?
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


Just noticed something else:

2 computers that are working:

-First computer, in add-ons one has:  WebMedia Control, publisher Panasonic, ENABLED
-Second computer, in add-ons has:  HD300Controller Control, publisher Panasonic, ENABLED

on the computer I'm trying to get it to work on, there is nothing in the add-ons published by Panasonic.  I clicked show all add-ons.

I ran the install from the DVR, it says it was successfully installed.

Guessing the add-on is needed and is not finding it's way into IE.  Anyone else ever see this?

Thanks again,
At the very bottom of this page is a section for the active x software.  Choose the one that matches your cameras!
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


The camera description is:

I don't see that one
I went to this link and found firmware, but I don't think thats what I need.

do you see a link for the plugin for this camera?
That GXE500-1 is a video encoder to connect 4, old style, dumb cameras to.  So you have dumb cameras connected to GXE500-1's and then connected to the WJ-NV300?

Try this to see if it then prompts you to install the ActiveX:
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


I'm the computer guy, don't normally work with the cameras, got thrown into this due to a vendor leaving.

Not sure of Camera type.

I already enabled all the active X controls.  No help.

It's got to be that plugin from Panasonic.. or at least thats what I think.. Maybe the video guy can call them tomorrow and see if they can send us the plugin.

Trying to google install active x on Panasonic cameras now.  Maybe I'll find something, found some old versions.
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


Browsed to the IP of one of  the camera's and it did an install
Network camera view 4s
It installed a plugin, WebAlarmReceiver Control
Still doesn't work.  Plus every time you close the browser and go back to the camera gui, it asks to install again.
This works on other computers, can view a single camera.
1) Are all the PC's Windows 7?
2) Are they all running IE11?
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


yes and yes.  
I'm going to uninstall IE11 tomorrow and try and put IE 10 on, see if that works.
kaceyjames, did you look at the guides I provided, what procedure did you do for the first two computers?
Have they been registered with the Panasonic?
The impression I get is that a switch is required on the Hub to change the computers?
Do all the computers access the cameras via the Panasonic DVR?
The unsigned active x security issue exists in IE 9, 10, and 11 so going back to 10 probably won't fix it.  They don't, perchance, have UAC turned off, do they?  Quite often, the failure to acknowledge a UAC prompt causes installation failures and, when it is off, there is no UAC prompt to acknowledge!
Kacey FernSystem Engineer


Davis, you were right, no difference with IE 10.
UAC is off.

I looked though your instructions.  I didn't setup the DVR, I'm just trying to browse the GUI from a computer.  I have been able to browse to the DVR from 4 of the 5 computers.  So I'm guessing the DVR is setup correctly.  It has to be something with this computer.  It is the Lobby computer, which is not close to the DVR and has the Card scanner software on it, maybe that is interfering.  IT has SQL lite on it, maybe something with that.  I went though and enabled all the active X controls, which made it insecure, but I wanted to try it.  Still didn't work.

I hate to do it, but might tell the camera guys they need to figure this out with Panasonic.. I'm about at the end of ideas, and it is costing the client a ton. I'm thinking I might have to rebuild the computer.  

Thanks again,
Thanks Kacey.
There is no mention of SQL Lite only>The supported windows is Vista Windows 7 & and windows 8  all x32 bit
When Davis asked>1) Are all the PC's Windows 7?<< you replied yes
Possibly the problem is SQL lite , may need a special plugin or Visual studio  at a guess..
sorry I cant help you with this.

Have you checked the browser settings troubleshooting pages 181 through to 182 and 184
Updated the video drivers?
Have you tried a different browser?
page 183page 184

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