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Getting an Error that Function is not Defined

I have the following code and macro, but when I run it I'm getting an error saying that the Function is not defined, although it is.

I got this code off of Experts Exchange.

Here is the Sub that calls the macro:
  Private Sub cmdUploadXMLFile_Click()
     Call XML
 End Sub

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Here is the Macro:
Sub XML() '
' XML Macro

Call ExportToXML("H:\NRTEcho\ACTIVE\GROPER\eBillStatusChanges.xml", "Row")

End Sub

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Here is the Function that the macro calls:
Public Function ExportToXML(FullPath As String, RowName _
   As String) As Boolean
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
 Dim colIndex As Integer
 Dim rwIndex As Integer
 Dim asCols() As String
 Dim oWorkSheet As Worksheet
 Dim sName As String
 Dim lCols As Long, lRows As Long
 Dim iFileNum As Integer

 Set oWorkSheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(2)
 sName = oWorkSheet.Name
 lCols = oWorkSheet.Columns.Count
 lRows = oWorkSheet.Rows.Count

 ReDim asCols(lCols) As String

 iFileNum = FreeFile
 Open FullPath For Output As #iFileNum

 For i = 0 To lCols - 1
     'Assumes no blank column names
     If Trim(Cells(1, i + 1).Value) = "" Then Exit For
     asCols(i) = Cells(1, i + 1).Value
 Next i

 If i = 0 Then GoTo ErrorHandler
 lCols = i

 Print #iFileNum, "<?xml version=""1.0""?>"
 Print #iFileNum, "<" & sName & ">"
 For i = 2 To lRows
 If Trim(Cells(i, 1).Value) = "" Then Exit For
 Print #iFileNum, "<" & RowName & ">"
     For j = 1 To lCols
         If Trim(Cells(i, j).Value) <> "" Then
         Print #iFileNum, "  <" & asCols(j - 1) & "><![CDATA[";
         Print #iFileNum, Trim(Cells(i, j).Value);
         Print #iFileNum, "]]></" & asCols(j - 1) & ">"
         DoEvents 'OPTIONAL

         End If
     Next j
     Print #iFileNum, " </" & RowName & ">"
 Next i

 Print #iFileNum, "</" & sName & ">"
 ExportToXML = True
 If iFileNum > 0 Then Close #iFileNum
 Exit Function
 End Function

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What am I doing wrong?

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