Can I stack two new C3750X-24 switches onto a current stack of two older C3750G-24 switches?

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We currently have two C3750G-24PS-S switches stacking together using the stack cable connecting in the back. We want to expand to a stack of four switches but since the C3750G is end of life so we want to buy two C3750X-24T-S (we don't need PoE at this site) and hope to stack these two new C3750X-24T-S switches onto the current stack of two old C3750G-24PS-S. Can we do that?

Thanks for your help.
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Yes you can stack an X to a G. Just make sure you're running  the same software version on all switches. You may have to downgrade code on the 3750X
Pete LongTechnical Consultant
I think you are asking if you can mix X and S series?

Yes you can, as long as the X series do not have an IPBase licences, and (as mentioned above) the software train has to match.


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