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CD / USB Flash Boot Dell Precision 3620

I have a new Dell Precision 3620 that I want to image using live CD boot or USB Flash boot.
Many of the attempts are stopped (by something) midway through.  Just about the point that the OS on the CD or USB Flash is being loaded.
So, the hardware appears to be working.
Safe Boot is disabled.

The only thing that I notice is both interesting and a bit odd:

If I load a boot CD and invoke the boot menu, there is a CD/DVD on the menu and there is also a UEFI: [name of CD/DVD device] entry.
The first one does not allow a boot saying that there is no bootable medium.
The second one does allow a boot as described above.
It doesn't seem to matter if the bootable medium is CD/DVD or USB Flash.

I sense from the behavior that there is something that is actively *stopping* the boot process.  Often, WINPE-based media will stop at "Starting Windows".  Linux-based media will stop at "loading initrd".

What is likely the issue here and how to get past it?
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