How to restrict web access to SSRS Server

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We have a SSRS server setup on our network.  Currently anyone on our network can navigate to http://OurServer/ReportServer and have full access.

We have a web front end which users should be using to access the reports.  How can we configure the server such that only requests made from the local server have access?  Any requests should be denied.
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Once you're able to log in to Your Server/Reports as an administrator, click Home in the top-right corner, then Folder Settings and New Role Assignment. Enter your user name and check a box for each role you want to grant yourself. Finally, click OK. You should now be able to browse folders without launching your browser with elevated privileges.

Don't forget to set the security at the site level **AND ** at the folder level. I hope that helps.
Here you may find the step by step installation of SSRS


Thank you Jason.

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