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Attempting to install iTunes on a Windows 7 Professional 32-bit computer, the installation fails after several errors:  The older version of Apple Application Support cannot be removed; The older version of Bonjour cannot be removed; The older version of iTunes cannot be removed.  I have performed the following steps to remedy this...

1. Used Control Panel>Programs & Features to uninstall all references to iTunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour & Apple Application Support;
2. Searched my hard disc for the same references and deleted them;
3. Used Windows Registry Cleaner utility to search, but it did not find any such references;
4. Used Registrar to locate and delete all registry references to those references;
5. Restarted the system.

Can you suggest how to remedy this?
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You may not have gotten everything.

In Program Files, delete these folders:

In Common FIles/Apple, delete these folders:
Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Support

Then empty Recycle Bin

Reboot, and try installing again.
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when i meet such problems, i use REVO (free) to uninstall it
it does a far better job :      

for searching the registry i use Regseeker, that finds all accurences  in one run, and let you delete them :      
***use at own risk !


Thank you both.  I removed the additional files, and followed the other steps, but it did not resolve the issue.  I installed Revo Uninstaller, but it did not show any references to iTunes or Bonjour.  Regarding cleaning registry traces, Registrar also finds all instances and allows simultaneous removal.  

Perhaps there is a way to use Revo Uninstaller to locate remnants of applications or registry entries if the item does not appear under New Programs or Other Programs?
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Revo will not do anything to uninstall something that it can't see is installed.  If it's not listing it, then it can't see that it's installed.

You could try the Microsoft uninstaller fixer, here:


Thank you.  Unfortunately that Microsoft Fix-it application didn't detect the programs I need to uninstall (or install), and "not listed" won't work unless I know the ID code.

I don't know how else to proceed.  I wish Apple had a clean-up utility for this purpose, since it seems to be a commonly-reported frustration.
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try a system restore to a date iTunes was installed - and use Revo then


Unfortunately, iTunes hasn't been installed for years.  It would literally take weeks to reproduce the current configuration on my system if I restored it to that point in time.  I think I'll abandon this and look for another way to sync my iPhone with the desktop, which doesn't require iTunes.


I was finally able to remove leftover fragments of Apple software and install the latest version of iTunes without the incessant errors about "unable to install previous versions".  I encountered a post which mentioned that the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility entries for Bonjour, iTunes, and other Apple software may appear simply as "[All Users]"  either with, or without some alphanumeric characters following, but without any identifying label.  Removing those entries with the Cleanup Utility, and then performing the other steps which had not previously worked,  finally succeeded.

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