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VPN Between Meraki and SonicWALL

I have just setup a VPN between a Meraki and SonicWALL and am having some issues with traffic flow.  I have followed the recommendations in Meraki's documentation but so far have not had full success.

Per Meraki I have enabled Keep Alive on the SonicWALL side which results in the VPN coming up right away but no traffic flows if it originates on the network behind the SonicWALL.  Once I initiate traffic from a device behind the Meraki to a device behind the SonicWALL traffic starts to flow in both directions.

A simplified diagram:

______________            ______________                              _________        _________________
| |---------|SonicWALL|---------VPN---------|Meraki|-----||

For instance
1) pings and nothing will go through, request timed out
2) pings the ping goes through no problem
3) now is able to ping
4) if the VPN breaks for any reason (internet outage) traffic from will not reach until initiates the traffic

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