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wireless/citrix expert advice needed in logistics warehouse

hi currently doing some work for a logistics company with metal everywhere just like in an airport where they sort out  parcels/baggage.

development team:

there is a development team in place who would have the knowledge/experience around the off the shelf software that has been designed to fit there clients business model and obviously being aware of the  hardware/software requirements prior to rollout in order to run a seamless wireless system.

physical network diameter:

- not sure of the acres of land but one warehouse is heading upto 1/2 mile in length hence 62 access points


partial mesh topology - i assume due to other sites using centralized citrix online site

fttb -  fibre to the business - i assume


i assume customer premises equipment on customer site

network topology:

3g wireless


a 4g topology already in place where users can  select it via their tablets but due to the specific types of problems experienced have decided against the 4g while users currently have now returned to their manual system while the development team collaborate on resolutions.

-  I would assume that the servers would be setup as: ou/group policies etc

-  62 wireless access points scattered inside/outside the yard which were obviously tested during the initial planning stages of the project which I think is using a 3g network.

-  windows 10 tablets used and then the users logon via a web browser to a citrix site in order to complete their daily routines via an online database that they also login to.

-  the advice given to users is if their are blind spots within the wireless for one reason or another then to walk around and continue to attempt to logon via their internet browser to access the (citrix) website where all works are carried out.

user windows 10 tablet network experience:

-  the first test of use was when it was not that busy and all things seemed to run smoothly ie when managers logged onto the citrix website and allocated bays via the software so a driver could park his empty truck or full truck on the bay, ready to be loaded/unloaded it appeared to work ok.

current issue:

-  as the night when on due to valentines I assume and the loading/unloading of parcels being delivered/collected and bought back to the depots, it appeared that there was loss of connectivity, such as:

-  loss of connection to network printers
-  trucks being allocated to bays that already had a truck parked in the bay ready to be loaded/unloaded

almost as if the citrix database could not deal with so many online tasks/sessions being processed through the citrix database website and as a result sessions causing back to front inconsistencies.

possible considerations:

- is the citrix site compatable for specific requirements
- is the spec of the citrix) site correct
- is the 'ou/group policies' configured correctly although I assume so
- I assume if (fttb) is in place this can obviously deal with the expected bandwidth requirements
- is the wireless robust enough due to 62 access points
- are the wireless win 10 tablets spec sufficient

question 1.  can anyone shed any light on possible resolution strategy  ?
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