How to become a certified CA/ SSL certificate provider

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I would like to setup a CA and get it certified by MS,Firefox, Chrome etc.

What are the procedures? I have gone through this

Can anyone provide details?

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That's quite a hassle to be honest... usually reserved for companies that are making money out of signing CSR and they usually have a name in the field. Not to mention it requires some serious audiing and infosec scanning inside your company.

At any rate, this guide should give you some pointers:
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Unless you are willing to invest $100,000 not counting equipment required. Do you currently possess a HSM like SafeNet Network HSM In fact, you are probably going to be out of pocket $250,000 and have annual $10K revalidation costs before you even get approved.  You also have to travel 2x per year to a key signing convention.  

You must be familiar with the following rfc's

There are a number of OID's that you have to register for your policies and you must be able to prove that you are enforcing the rules in the policies to any auditor.

Expect to be at this for 5 years, before you start to get any ROI.
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