IBM Notes Name Change issue - renaming user last name

One of our user requested to have her last name change due to marriage. Everything went according to plan until the user decided to do alter one of her calendar meeting.  Before the name change, she is the chair in one of the meeting. Since the name change, she is no longer the chair.

She can't change the time of the meeting nor she can add or remove any invitees. The chair reflected her old name so she was treated as if she was one of the invitee. I am at total lost and not sure what steps to take. I need expert advise to rectify the issue. Thanks heaps.

Our client is ver 9 Social Edition, IBM Domino is 8.5.3 FP6 HF2121.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What EXACT procedure did you follow to do the name change? I assume you used the "Rename person" procedure as defined in the Admin Help database, under Persons/Renaming.  And how many servers do you have? For it might take some tome for the changes to be distributed to other servers.

The process may take a while to complete. It's a whole sequence of events. Did you check the admin4.nsf database, under Name Move Requests?
Gilbert HauserConsultant informatiqueCommented:
As Sjef said, If you used the correct procedure to change the name, you will see on ADMIN4.nsf if your request is pending.
You can run:
 tell adminp Process People
form the console to force a request to occur immediately.
st2928Author Commented:
My apology for the late reply.

I have done the rename via the File -> Security User > Security > Click Your Identity -> Your Names, and then followed the prompt to do the Name Changes. By default, the system send the request to administrator for approval. Once it is approved, the modified will be sent back to the user for acceptance.

I have tried looked out the ADMIN4.nsf but I couldn't see any name change pending. I thought it went through fine not until the user told me she can't add or remove invitees or change meeting scheduled. It was as if she is not the chair anymore.

I have tried to run:
tell adminp process del from the console to force process delayed by the system
tell adminp process people
without any success.

So I am not sure where else I should be looking. May you please suggest any ideas?
Gilbert HauserConsultant informatiqueCommented:
You have to see the result of your query in the admin4.nsf, in the All Errors By Date view???
If not, you have to check if your Adminp is correct.
st2928Author Commented:

I have read other threads in here and most suggested upgrading the server to V9 to resolve the issue I have. Renaming bit works fine. It just users cannot go back to edit their own meeting after the name changed. Moving forward to V9 Domino is a way to go. Thanks you all for your kind assistance.

Many thanks.

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