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Say, the  CONDERE CO-902 DVR has 6 analog cameras that it is recording.  We wish to backup the video files on a daily basis to an off-site location via the Internet. Kindly advise if there is any way to achieve this.

The onsite storage is only for up to 1.5 months. We need to move the data older than this to an offsite location automatically.
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Hi I dont have all the answers here but dare say the video files would be huge so instead of using the internet you could use VLC and ffmpeg the record the video on your PC via iSpy
Connecting to your Condere IP camera

What are you using to store on sight  surely they would have to have a backup procedure?
Lets find out when you let me know who they are.


an automatic backup procedure is needed to upload the data.
Currently 1 hard disk in the Condere stores the data and no other backup procedure in place or practical as sites are remote.
I cannot source the manual to see the technical specs of your DVR what sockets are available to connect it to your PC
Check your DVR network settings via the main menu function. You will require a IP Address & Password. Ensure your Ethernet cable is connect from your DVR to your local computer.

You will then need the network viewer software put on to your PC (normally provided with your DVR). Ensure the IP Address & your user password are entered correctly and then you should be able to connect.
Where are the current recordings stored on the web or on the HDD of the CONDERE, there is little information for me to work with in order to assist you.
Do you log into your account and there is all the recorded videos old?
The online storage I am aware of is
Amazon S3
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: 

I also use DropBox it has free 2gig and purchase more space like all the others.


Is it practical to upload on ADSL a 1T byte hard disk over a period of a month?
I cant really answer that shaunwingin as I dont know what the footage is about.., personally my thoughts
 if this is security cameras footage  of just the street made up of many many time frames over 24 hours a day, keep only the time frames you find important.
The rest could be deleted otherwise 1T byte a month footage wow that is going to really use a lot of storage, do you need that footage? Is it affordable to you and do you need to use it?
Can the video be converted to a smaller size possibly?
The best practice for storing surveillance video is to upgrade to the newer technology
Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Storage Area Network (SAN)
You might find this interesting
Guide to Video Security Storage
According to, many CCTV applications are now moving
away from traditional videotape-based systems and are increasingly embracing
tapeless digital CCTV surveillance systems that digitally record information.
This move eliminates the costs and headaches traditionally associated with
videotapes, while ensuring higher-resolution digital image quality. Tapeless
recording also eliminates tape shuttling to provide instant, on-demand access
to critical recordings to find images or events by time, date or camera number
through the use of on-screen menus and simple keystrokes.
and this one
Best Practices in Video-Surveillance Storage 
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