Excel Web App Warning Links Disabled Links to external workbooks are not supported and have been disabled

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Ok my customer is trying to copy cells/data from Excel online to her local computer Excel sheet but when she copies she is unable to paste to her local Excel, however she can copy and paste ok within the online Excel sheet. She has been able to do this before but today it's not working.

When she open the Excel Online sheet it has a warning 'Excel Web App Warning Links Disabled Links to external workbooks are not supported and have been disabled'

I do not use MS Office apps offline nor online so not sure what to try with this.

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That's a standard warning from the online Excel App to tell her that it doesn't support external links (ie: it won't update links or allow you to create new ones). It has no bearing on copy/paste within the sheet unless she wants a link to an external sheet in which case she will need to open the sheet in desktop excel to make or change the link.

if the problem is more general:
Cutting and pasting within the online environment (and to outside sheets) gets blocked if her browser settings do not allow access to the clipboard but this will normally generate a warning message the first time its attempted in a session.

First tell her to close the browser and re-start to see if she gets the warning and she can then permit access. If that fails try clearing the cache and starting again. If all those fail or she never gets the 'allow clipboard?' form then it suggests clipboard access is blocked in her Browser settings which may have been set with Group Policy.
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Hi thanks for the detailed reply, no update as yet as waiting for the customer to get back to me.
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