Get rid of margin on ul and ol tags inside an iframe

In my web application an iframe gets loaded from a third party js.
Inside it there are some ol and ul tags which are getting margin of 14px top and bottom.
This most probably is coming from the browser.
How can i get rid of these margins ?
Here is the screen shot :
The third party library i am loading is basically ckeditor and demo can be seen at
If you type in the editor with bulltet or numbering tools... you will see in the firebug that ul and ol elements are getting generated with top and bottom margins... I am loading this ckeditor inside my web application.... and want to keep them to 0. But they are loaded inside iframe....
Rohit BajajAsked:
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Hagay MandelCommented:
I guess the simplest way will by overriding the original margins:

cke_editable ol, cke_editable ul, {
margin: 0 !important;

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Rohit BajajAuthor Commented:
Doesnt seem to be working probably because these nodes are inside an iframe... and if i apply a rule like that it will get applied on my parent DOM
Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The thing is that you need to add the css into the iframe.
To do so you either change the CKEditor css (which I know from previous questions you don't want) or you inject it upon editor ready, like this:
  function(e) {
    var ckhead= $(e.editor.document.$).find('head');
    //var ckbody = $(e.editor.document.$).find('body');
    ckhead.append('<style>ul{margin:0 !important;}</style>');

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This is a generic approach and it will affect all editors on the page; if you only have one then there's nothing to worrie about.

Still I think the best option is to add your customizations to the ckeditor css file.
Document them properly and if the version of the control changes, just move them into the new file.
Doing this kind of CSS injection makes things look like magic and much harder to identify and maintain.

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Rohit BajajAuthor Commented:
Hi Alexandre,
Thanks your solutions works perfect.
Just want to ask you one more thing.. in case say i use contents.css for modification as you suggest.
How to document this ? Is there any standard way to document these type of things... ?
Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Documentation is a cultural thing.
I mean, there's no way to prevent someone from replacing the contents.css, even if it's documented somewhere that it should be handled with care.

But there are other options, you're not alone here :)
I just discovered that CKEditor actually supports adding CSS files!!/api/CKEDITOR.editor-method-addContentsCss

Try to add your custom CSS file in this way, from the documentation, it seems like the official way to do it.

Let me know!
Rohit BajajAuthor Commented:
Wow.. thats seems really a good option...
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