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We have a web site developed with SharePoint 2010. We have to go through an exercise of a complete restructuring of the site and we were considering using a different web CMS because SharePoint is not very user friendly when we deal with web design, CSS and multiple languages.
While keeping the document management system in SharePoint we were  thinking of using a different Web CMS, e.g. Drupal.
The question is, is there a reliable and easy to use connecto that could allow us to consume SharePoint  data from Drupal?
Or do you have other suggestions (e.g. different Web CMS)?
Thank you in advance.
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the Question is, Why you want that. The products have some similarities, but the differences in technology are big. You use Sharepoint for document management and like drupal because of languages and web? Sharepoint is still very microsoft IIS minded. Drupal is openly oriented, sharepoint is not.

I think you are better of if you start thinking without the boundaries of a preset mind.
If you are indeed stuck with Microsoft, then this is clear, you have to get along with it.

If you want openness, community, enterprise services, platform wide search, projec folders and document management, you should not look at 2 concatenated platforms what are able  to do it from the "whats possible" side. The incompatibilities are possibly a pain.

I suggest you take a look at attlassian confluence and some add ons.  

I am certain, you will find an examplefrom te field, that matches your requirements.

Dont get confused with the "Wiki" title it has, its very powerful and a good mix of what you are looking for.
And yes, its userfriendly.

The option to select between Cloud Look and Structured look is great, not all people think the same.

Good luck!

regards, W


We use SharePoint for our intranet, and this is not going to change.
The internet site has already a huge amount of documents that we would prefer not to have to migrate to a different platform. What SharePoint is missing is a tool to easily design the user interface and the CSS. It generates its own CSS files which then is difficult to integrate with our custom ones. In a word, the graphical part, the look and feel of the web site pages are difficult to fine tune in SharePoint. We were wondering whether there is the possibiltiy of using another tool for the design of the web pages while keeping the SharePoint engine (since it contains already several thousands of documents)  with a connection element in between.
understand that, migration is costly and time consuming. The solution you are aiming for
is therefore called "quick and dirty" - which implies that robustness and reliability is at risk.
How important are those? I know sharepoint is a pain, but the glitches are predictable.

Coexistance of both (Drupal and Sharepoint) is possible and sometimes a good idea, but those projects were designed like that right at the beginning.

I like the "one word statement": every new version and update and testing (not timed) of either Drupal or Sharepoint is going to be a pain for both, the administrator and the users. And every analysis of errors will end up in a finger pointing contest. Okay thats some more words.

Best regards


I am not particularly after a quick and dirty solution. I understand that it is better to stay with one CMS only rather than trying to connect two different ones and SharePoint is fine with me. I was just wondering whether there were simpler ways of dealing with the design of the web pages and the CSS coding in SharePoint.
I believe it is not going to be a simple or robust solution running both,
I cant say which is consuming bigger resources, restart with one tool or
use the experince of sharepoint and integrate the CMS.

You asked for opinions: if this is a prime service, I would stay with sharpoint and redesign planning for time and budget.

regards, W

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