what would be practical examples of possible applications doable with Oracle apps?

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is oracle apps equivalent of what .net Code can do with SQL Server?

in terms of practical output/productivity,  does oracle apps capable of what .net coding can accomplish?

.net coding applies to any application possibility (financial, non-profit etc).. is oracle apps similar in scope?
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I'm not following your question.

.Net is a programming language.  You can develop anything you want with it.

Oracle Apps typically refers to their suite of pre-developed applications for things like Human Resources/Financial purposes.  You can then tweak the apps to fit with your existing requirements.
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that's sort of an odd question.

with enough people, money, time and skill you can code virtually anything to be the same as or better than any other application.

So, "could" you write something in .net on sql server to be superior to oracle apps?  sure.

Can you do it for less money than simply purchasing a license?  maybe/maybe not, only you know what rates you're willing to pay

What about time to deliver?  You can purchase and install oracle apps today.  If you start coding today, you won't be done tomorrow.  How important is that delay to you?


thank u. that helped

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