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fix a reminder program that has non repeating times vb6

non repeating ampm  times should not increased if not deleted
they should either be removed from the flexgrid or marked with a minus sign with red font.
how to do this ?
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For the benefit of other Experts, please attach your workbook.

Please explain the circumstances that would cause the text to become red or the reminder to be deleted.
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if a non repeating ampm time becomes due and not marked as done then the time is increased by a day
not a workbook, a vb6 program
When the one-time time reminder is due, frmDeferTime shows up. What do you want to happen then?
one time reminders should never be increased only deleted or red font, date or AmPm time
Is the one-time date working like you want it to?

For one-time times are you saying that you don't want frmDeferTime to show up?
yes i want frmDeferTime to show up, but not increased in the grid
I'm confused. frmDeferTime has several options: "5 Minutes, "15 Minutes", "30 Minutes","1 Hour" and "Dismiss". Do you still want to see them?
yes the form only appears after these time periods
just the time in the grid should not increase
I don't understand what that means. If say a reminder is due at 5PM and at 5PM the form shows up and the user picks "15 Minutes", what should happen?
if grid  says 5Pm and is delayed by 15 minutes then Next Reminder will stay 0 , until it is  delated
but the due time 5PM will not change and never be increased.
OK I'll look into the code tomorrow.
ok, thanks
Another question. When the time reminder comes due at, say, 5PM, I now know that you want to show frmDeferTime and if the user selects a delay time, you just want to make the 5PM time in the grid red, but what should I do with the Next Reminder Time? Since there's no date associated with the time reminder the app assumes it's for tomorrow and so it will say 23 Hours and some minutes. Should it instead say "15 Minutes" if that's the user's delay choice?
if the next reminder is a repeating time and delayed it will say 23 Hours and some minutes. as it does now. just need the no repeat in red
seeing how you are working on the app i am getting ready to post a new question on how to avoid this from happing
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that did not work the the Next Reminder was increased
i set a 5 minute no repeat reminder and waited for the  form to show and selected defer 5 minutes
it reappeared in seconds i set the defer again for 5 minutes and it reappeared again in seconds'
i clicked cancel and Next Reminder time was increased.
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I just tried it and this is what I see. It did not reappear in seconds.
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I will try again that looks like what i want
What could be the problem ? i tried again and got the same result
made the no repeat for 5 minutes
when the defer form opened
i selected 5 minutes to defer and clicked cancel
the form reapeared in seconds, not 5 minutes
set the 5 minutes again and cllicked  cancel
the frmRemider showed with this:
User generated image
clicked cancel
That's the difference. Please think about the reason why you have that option and explain why you need it (if you do).
Wait a minute. What Cancel button(?) are you referring to?
Whoops meant Exit. probably should click Done.
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tried again and defered 5 minutes clicked Done the font was red., but the Next reminder should say 0
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Need to rethink The captions on the buttons and what they do.

Another question to post
if frmDeferTime is displayed and user is not at the pc what should happen ?
tried again and defered 5 minutes clicked Done the font was red., but the Next reminder should say 0
When I defer a one time time reminder for, say, 15 minutes, the Next Reminder will say "14 minutes". I guess it should count down from there (it doesn't) but the only way I get get it to say 22 or 23 hours is to stop and restart the app.

if frmDeferTime is displayed and user is not at the pc what should happen ?
I don't know, but why does anything need to be done? If you want to do something we could add a second timer and after, say, 5 minutes of inactivity, add 5 minutes and start the clock again.
i am goiing to post a new frmDeferTime with buttons
 Defer And Delete in a new question
if 0 minutes in Next Reminder column  then turn the font in the entire row red before showing frmDeferTime
Given your new question what if anything more should I do here?
just color the row red
i will post more info in another question
in any case after frmDeferTime is unloaded the Non Repeating time will no longer be in the grid
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Thanks martin Liss
Really don't need that code decided on a new way, see my latest question