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Word now unresponsive, maybe caused by update

As of last Thursday I have about a half dozen users in two different buildings who now have issues with Word. It's either verrrrrrrry laggy or it just plain crashes. Everything else (the rest of Office, other non-Office applications) is working fine. I tried re-creating their normal.dotm file, starting Word in safe mode, but these fixes are not working for every user.
     I think a Windows update may have caused this problem, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else suddenly noticed their Word being unresponsive?
     We're all running Windows 7 Pro x64, Office 2013 Professional x32.
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One thing that I have started doing when I see Word slow down is to change the default printer to FAX / XPS - it's a PITA but sometimes it improves the situation and provides a clue that there is a delay or other problem with the actual printers...

Also, in what way is it slow:
- open Word by clicking on a locally stored document?
- open Word by clicking on the Word icon to create a new document?
- where is Word looking for its 'Templates' - network drive?

There are sooooooo many things that can help Word look bad... :-/

Of any error messages?
Have you tried to repair the word?
If you do not service
Click Start> Control Panel.

Click Programs> Programs and Features.

Click the Office product you want to repair, and Then click Change.

See this link
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you can also try a system restore to a date it was ok; and block the update (temporarily)
Hi John,

I'm also experiencing the exact same problem with Word 2013. Like you said it's only word. Not the other programs. I have disabled the hardware acceleration feature in office using GPOs. Still it's happening. I'm pretty much sure it's one of the updates. I have done the office repair but no luck. Uninstall and reinstall didn't work as well.