Office 2010, inserting a hyperlink stalls reading a folder with many subfolders.


I administer a site running Office 2010, against Office 365 mail servers.

Users have a need to frequently insert links to documents inside of a mapped drive, "Q drive". The root of this drive contains around 15000 folders, but no files.  Certainly no broken links.  Users are complaining of a delay when browsing through that drive.

I have managed to reproduce this.  If I right click on the body of a new message, select hyperlink, then browse to Q:\, Outlook becomes unresponsive for around 80 seconds.  After this, everything works as expected. During this time, the Gb NIC receives data at about 0.5% utilisation, no CPUs are pegged.

The users are running on a Terminal Server. The file server and TS boxes are both proper servers.   There don't seem to be any other performance issues. Copying a large file works just fine, pretty much pegging a Gb LAN connection. Running "Dir Q: > Nul" completes in about one second, so I would have imagined that Outlook should take a similar time to read the same directory. Browsing through it with Explorer works just fine; no noticeable delays at all.

Any ideas why Outlook sits and twiddles its thumbs here? How can I get it to perform faster?
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekAsked:
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekAuthor Commented:
Running Outlook in safe mode does not seem to help; nor does disabling antivirus on the client and server ends.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
reduce the # of folders by placing related items into sub folders, it does take a while to enumerate the 15,000 folders.

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