Dynamics CRM Online: Add Button on Sub-Grid

Hi All,

We want to add a function to the online Dynamics CRM that will allow us to link multiple company employees (CRM users) as "Account Managers" for a given Account.

We found out that above can be achieved via setting up a sub-grid for Entity "Connections (Connected From)". Its working fine and allow us to add multiple users as account managers.

But the only issue is we are not able to enable "Add button (+)" for this sub-grid on the Accounts Form. From online research it seems like something to do with 1:N relationships but found no steps on how to configure it.

We would really appreciate if someone could guide us on how to enable Add button for this sub-grid? I've attached screenshot to confirm the current setup and requirements.

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Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

Try putting a lookup of "Account" on the user Entity, which is already created with a relationship you have specified.

If the lookup field is already added on the form, make it a required field and check.

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RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Hi Rikin,

Are you referring to creating a relationship between Accounts and Users? I can not found any options within sub-grid settings to put a lookup for Accounts.

I've included few more screenshot of current settings.
Please let me know the steps if possible, am not that versed in CRM.

Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
Hi Robin,

You need not create another relationship, as there is already a relationship available created.

And because of this relationship 1:N - Account to User, The user form must have an Account lookup. If the Account lookup "A10-Account-User" is not added on the form, it should be available with the remaining fields. Just drag and drop it to the System User form in System User entity.

Publish the changes and check if the "+" sign appears.
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RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Hi Rikin,

Thanks for continual support.

The work is being done on the Customisation>Entities>Accounts>Forms>A10-Account.

Its a copy of default Account form.

Am not able to find the "System User" Form.

When it comes to this form, I've already created a custom field called "Account Manager" with Data Type "Lookup" and Target Record Type as "Users". The field is working fine but only holds single user at a time.

The requirement is that their are multiple "account managers" for single account. So I tried creating a Sub-Grid with "Connections (Connected From)" but struggling to get the "Add button".

Does above explanation assist you to pin-point the issue.

Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
Hi Robin,

You need to go to User form and add the lookup there. You need to make sure  lookup "A10-Account-User" is not added on the form.
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
waiting to see if this has worked and have engaged with Rikin offline.
Kiran DeshmukhDynamics CRM - Delivery ManagerCommented:
Was just going through the old open questions and found this one interesting.
Since this issue was posted long time back, not sure if this will be still open, but will offer few steps that might help:
From Accounts, you need to create 1:N relationship to users. So, it will be 1 Account and Many Users [You can name it Account managers]
As soon as you create this, a default sub grid will be available in the navigation pane. But will be called by the name users
Now, edit the Form and add Sub grid named Users(Account managers)
Keep the Label name/Grid name as Account managers
This is how it will look like.
Note: When you click on + button, it will by default look for existing users. If you want to add new users, it will take you to the O 365 portal since it is CRM online.
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Excellent assistance from Rikin. Perfect answer.
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