'My computer' window opening slow in windows server 2008 R2 enterprise

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I am running into a strange problem. My server appears to be fast. When I click on 'my computer' icon on the desktop, it takes some times and opens slow in a window. When I run 'windows explorer' from task bar, it appears to be fast. Just the 'my computer' window comes slowly.
Steps that I have taken:
1. Stopped windows update services, backup services, anti virus disabled.
2. Disabled all microsoft windows start up services, etc.

Please help.
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First thing, I would suggest downloading and installing the trial version of Neuber's Security Task Manager:

Run it as the administrator (right-click on the program and choose Run as Administrator).

It analyzes all currently-active processes and ranks them based on different dangerous characteristics. For example, if there's a process that is hiding from the normal task manager, it will often show up in this program. It will figure out which processes are doing things like capturing keystrokes, hiding their UI from the user, listening on network ports, etc...

Now, not every process in there is going to be dangerous. There are almost always some legitimate processes that get ranked fairly high (e.g. Yahoo! toolbar always shows up as a really high risk), but if you're familiar with what SHOULD be running, then you should be able to tell if there's anything suspicious.

If you do see anything suspicious, find the process file and upload it to VirusTotal to have it scanned by several different virus scanners:

Next, I'd suggest installing Spybot S&D:

I don't usually use this tool for any virus or malware scanning, although that is what it is normally used for (you can still run it - it won't harm anything), but it has some really good analysis tools. It will show you all of the programs that start at bootup, including ones that are in less-obvious locations in the registry, and will let you quickly toggle them on and off without deleting them completely (if you want to test out something). It also gives you insight into any plugins that might be tied into windows explorer.

Now, all that said, the "My Computer" window is actually Windows Explorer (explorer.exe). It is simply looking at a different overview of the system. The main difference in this window is that it will examine all drives that are connected to the system. If there is any drive that contains faulty media (a bad CD or DVD, or an unknown filesystem on thumb drive, etc), or if there's a physical hard drive that is going bad, then it could cause Explorer to hang while Windows tries to get the information. It could also happen from a slow networked or network-mapped drive.

Just to be safe, download CrystalDiskInfo - here's a portable apps version so there's no install needed:

That tool will examine the physical hard drives on your system and check the S.M.A.R.T. status of each one and can tell you if there are any warning signs. If all the drives show up green and okay, then it's probably either a bad CD/DVD/thumb drive, a slow networked drive, or some kind of plugin into Explorer that is taking too long to run.

Worst case, you can use the Process Monitor from Microsoft:

...to capture and examine what events are happening when you try to bring up the My Computer window. However, the Process Monitor tool captures a LOT of data, so you can't just leave it running/capturing. You have to run it, start the capture, produce the problem, and then end the capture. From there, you can have it summarize the activity for you and you can look for anything strange, or you might be able to scroll through it and find filesystem activity that you don't expect to be happening.

Hopefully that should give you some direction to go in.
Distinguished Expert 2017

In a command window, run net use
If you have many mapped drives, iscsi based drives, delay in response from those servers/resources will delay the computer view.

The prior suggestions to make sure your system was/is not compromised should be undertaken.
Is the shortcut to my computer a real shortcut or has it been added from start orb My Computer show on desktop
show on desktop
show on desktopI remember back in windows xp that if there was desktop wallpaper used html it caused problems with desktop shortcuts.
What else is on the desktop? Active desktop enabled?
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Hey Geeks,

I appreciate your help. I have done all these steps but no luck. As stated earlier, everything is working fine except opening my computer. It was created by default on my desktop and I did not create a shortcut as mentioned by Merete.

any more suggestions guys?
My computer is simply the main access point to your drives.
Are you using any themes?
Are you using large thumbnails?
Have you run a disc cleanup just in case the windows thumbnails view has blown out in size.
Defragged the drive and run a system file checker.
Try this in the windows explorer bar at the top Organize click on that then folder search options check the settings in View and search.
Or go to control panel Folder Options View, does Control Panel open normally?
 Is it searching for network folders and or printers?
Could be an indexing problem
I am using windows 7 so our folder options may differ.
Back in XP under View if the  the box for “Automatically search for network folders and printers”,  is enabled this will slow opening My Computer Uncheck it.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer
Try these two utilities from NirSoft and see if there is any entry which might be causing this.



I am running windows server 2008 enterprise r2. I followed all the steps from Sudeep and Marete.

1. No indexing service running
2. control panel opens fast.
3. I am not using any themes/large thumbnails
4. yes, i did defrag and disc cleanup
5. No option for  “Automatically search for network folders and printers” in server 2008.

I installed both utilities from Sudeep and disable some context shells but the problem continues to happen. I don't understand why only the 'my computer' window is coming slow and everything else is fine. please help.
Distinguished Expert 2017

Try the following, properties of computer, advanced system settings, check performance setting selecting the pergormance option eliminating all the aero/esthetic rendering and see if you get better response.
Another option is open and change the view option ....


Well, this is a virtual server running on hyper-v. The host OS is DC 2012. I see that the Computer tab is taking two seconds to load. The C: and D: are two different disks. Once I'm in the C: or D: drive all folders are loading fine so its just the query portion that is slow. It may also be taking additional time to load the empty Floppy Disk drive or DVD drive. We also have the Hyper-V integration services installed as well.

Please suggest.
Distinguished Expert 2017

See if you remove the floppy drive from the VM whether that will reflect a change.  Not sure whether win2k12 does like older OS (much older) the floppy would be probed/polled.

Though if this was the original setup, see whether the issue "is more related to the view choices"
Use properties of computer advanced system settings, advanced performance settings and set to performance versus displaying esthetics ......
The C: and D: are two different disks, <<are they both sata same brand? Age? of drives.
Are they both internal or is the main C internal and the D USB?
I recall back in windows xp My main Hard disc was a WD and anytime I slaved a Seagate Hard Disk internally the two drives had some kind of conflict and the Seagate behaved slower.
Any anti virus software scanning drives?
How do you access the D: drive from My Computer D drive or from a desktop shortcut?
Check the settings for your network adapter encase it is set to allow this computer turn off this device, there is one in the device manager USB properties power management
the other network adapter
“Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” - Windows vNIC

Information about power management setting on a network adapter
Could be the drive "USB" is being stopped when inactive and when you access it it kind of wakes up so it takes 2 secs then when it's open it's okay.
Distinguished Expert 2017

@mrete, this is a VM,

I beleive MS does not recommend having a host system also function as a DC or often any other role.....

in your computer view, network devices/resources might be scanned contributing to the delay in the display.
i.e. network discovery of devices.
You've covered a lot of the obvious stuff already so here's a few things worth considering to see if we can narrow this down a bit:

run sfc /scannow to check all system files are OK and not corrupted
check other VMs to see if they have the same issue (rule out an issue with the host)
try running 'explorer /root,' (include the comma) from a command line and compare speed of opening.
check your AV. disable it if possible and see if it makes any difference
try it in safe mode to see if it is any better
try opening the C drive directly and then move up a folder to 'my computer' to see if it is as slow

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