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Create a Restore Point In Windows 10


How can I create a system restorepoint in Windows 7, 8 and 10 from within Delphi XE2 Professsional?

I already found some resources, but have no idea if these are still valid or if there is an easier way to set things up.

Some old sourcecode based on Windows XP:
Microsoft Script Control ActiveX control:
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This works perfectly. Thank you very much.
Some additional info that might be useful also:
RestorePointType [in] The type of restore point. This member can be one of the following values.
  APPLICATION_INSTALL        =   0;  An application has been installed.
  APPLICATION_UNINSTALL      =   1;  An application has been uninstalled.
  DEVICE_DRIVER_INSTALL      =  10;  A device driver has been installed.
  MODIFY_SETTINGS            =  12;  An application has had features added or removed.
  CANCELLED_OPERATION        =  13;  An application needs to delete the restore point it created. For example, an application would use this flag when a user cancels an installation.

EventType [in] The type of event. This member can be one of the following values.
  BEGIN_NESTED_SYSTEM_CHANGE = 102;  A system change has begun. A subsequent nested call does not create a new restore point. Subsequent calls must use END_NESTED_SYSTEM_CHANGE, not END_SYSTEM_CHANGE.
  BEGIN_SYSTEM_CHANGE        = 100;  A system change has begun. A subsequent call must use END_SYSTEM_CHANGE, not END_NESTED_SYSTEM_CHANGE.
  END_NESTED_SYSTEM_CHANGE   = 103;  A system change has ended.
  END_SYSTEM_CHANGE          = 101;  A system change has ended.

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