ASA 5506 EasyVPN & DMZ "ERROR: This configuration cannot be modified with Cisco Easy VPN Remote enabled."

I need to set up a DMZ interface for my ASA 5506 (IOS ver 9.5.2) that's set up as an Easy VPN client. When I try to modify the third interface I get this: "ERROR: This configuration cannot be modified with Cisco Easy VPN Remote enabled."

Googling around I found this thread which says such a thing should be possible but doesn't mention the above error message:

Googling around for that error message I can only find the below two posts that don't seem to have anything to do with my issue:

I have the sneaking suspicion I can't have Easy VPN (client) and DMZ set up on the same device but I hope I'm wrong. Any help is appreciated.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
I don't use the easy vpn client that much, but to me it looks like a site2site VPN.

If that's the case then it seems logical you can't have a DMZ on that interface. A DMZ is a separate 'inside' zone in your firewall which is exposed to the outside, but traffic has to traverse through the firewall.
An easy VPN client interface is on the outside of your firewall to be able to connect to a VPN server over the internet.
From a logical point of view, you can't have (and don't want) a DMZ on the outside interface.

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travisryanAuthor Commented:
The situation I'm running into is that the firewall is at a remote location, it's set up with Easy VPN so users, phones, printers etc at that location can just plug in or get on wifi and have a connection like they were sitting in our home location. Now we have another business that wants their own connection in our location.

My plan was to sit them on the DMZ and pass all traffic destined for their device through and block their device from getting to the inside network (my company's network). Is there another way to accomplish this with the equipment we already have?
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Doesn't the 5506 has eight interfaces? So can't you use another interface for that?
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travisryanAuthor Commented:
Ernie, I ended up finding an alternative solution. Thanks for all of your help.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Good to hear.
Would you mind sharing your solution with us? Perhaps someone else can profit from that.
travisryanAuthor Commented:
Ernie, instead of putting equipment from another company on the inside of my asa (since DMZ is not available) and trying to create ACL rules to isolate it, I requested a small range static IPs from my internet provider, plugged the internet connection into a dumb switch, gave the outside interface on my ASA one static IP,  then let the other company plug their equipment into that dumb switch and gave them an outside IP address to use from that static range.

This way, their equipment never directly interacts with my equipment.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Good call, and everybody is happy. Thanks for sharing.
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