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Sql/oracle query to handle comma and double quotes

I like to extract records from oracle db, by writing a awl query .
The query should check if a column has comma then put content of that column in a double quote else do not put it in double quote. This will be extracted to a comma delemited file, so all columns are separated by comma:

A, gggg , "John , Silverado" , 12345

Thanks in advanced
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Oracle is similar if you need it:
change CHARINDEX to INSTR and "+" to "||":

   WHEN INSTR(your_value, ',') > 1 THEN '"' || your_value || '"' 
   ELSE your_value END as name_goes_here
FROM your_table

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There is a slight difference. In sql server, the search is the first parameter and the field is the second.
Oracle -
where instr(field,',') > 0
SQL Server
where charindex(',', field) > 0
awking00 is correct, and I edited my first comment to reflect this catch.  Thank you.
Another option for you is if you're using this in an ETL application such as SSIS, there is the ability within SSIS to use string delimiters such as double-quote marks to make sure a comma in those columns doesn't result in an error when the downstream process consumes the file.
shmz, do you still need help with this question?
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Thank you