Is it Possible to Rollback Table Deletion in Mysql

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Hi Experts,

We Have Mistakenly Deleted a Table in my DB and am using MySql . Is it Possible to ROLL Back or any other options . Please Provide your Valuable Suggestions
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If this was MyISAM table, you need just to undelete table files in /var/log/mysql or whatever your data dir is. You can use ext3grep utility for that for example.
same applies ( more or less ) with innodb if you are using the file_per_table option. but it will be much more complex to get mysql to actually use the file if you recover it.

but honestly the answer is basically "no". there is very little chance that you can recover any usable data. you will spend lots of time, and probably end up with a small fraction of the data in an unusable format. either you have an sql or filesystem backup and there is a chance, or you'll end up loosing precious time.

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