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Multiple OS options when Windows 10 boots up

I have a brand new machine (with 2 x 4K monitors) with Windows 10 x64 pre-installed.

It all works fine except for some reason when it is booting up, after displaying the blue Windows logo on the right monitor (as seen in attached image), the left monitor then displays a screen where I am offered 2 choices of OS to choose: "Windows 10" or "Windows" (as seen in the second image).  It defaults to Windows 10 and after 5 seconds, it boots normally.

This screen also gives me options to select the default OS and also the timeout before it boots automatically.

Yesterday, I tried manually selecting "Windows" just to see what happened and both monitors went black and nothing further happened, so I had to reboot.

Why do I get this screen?  What does it offer me 2 choices of OS?

I'd prefer to somehow get rid of this screen altogether and I am curious as to why it even thinks I apparently have 2 different versions of Windows installed.

Has anyone seen this before and can explain why it's happening and how to get rid of the screen?



The initial boot screen on the right monitor.
The strange OS selection window that appears on the left monitor.
Windows 10

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