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How to change Vlan Membership for a group of Trunked ports on an HP ProCurve Switch

I have an HP ProCurve J9145A 2910al-24G Switch that has 4 Trunked ports on VLan-1.  
Some relevant configuration information is shown below:

trunk 5-8 Trk1 LACP
ip routing
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 9-12,18,21-22,Trk1
   ip address X.X.X.X
   no untagged 1-4,13-17,23-24
vlan 11
   name "VLan-11"
   untagged 1-4
   ip address X.X.11.X

I have recently create a new "Server-Only" VLan which is VLan-11.  Both mentioned Vlan's require a different IP address scheme to work correctly on each respected VLan.  I would like to change the IP Address of the hardware device that is using the TRK1 trunked ports from a VLan-1 IP address to a VLan-11 instead.  As a result I will need to add the "Trk1" ports group to VLan-11 instead of VLan-1.  I think I have a good plan on how to do this but since I have never changed the VLan assignments of an already created Trunked Group I wanted to ask and be sure.  My question is how to change the Trunk group Trk1 from Vlan-1 to Vlan-11?

I do not wish to change any of the other port settings (Auto negotiate) or the LACP settings on that port group.
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