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Windows 2012 r2 backup

Is it possible for have more than one backup on Windows 2012 r2 server running at different times? I have scheduled a daily backup of exchange database at 8 pm.
I also wanted to run one more job on same server that does complete backup of exchange server on the same network drive? Also is there an option to schedule weekly backup instead of daily for full backup?
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What are you using to perform the backups?
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Windows backup installed from Windows 2012 r2 feature. I was not having success with VDP backup on Exchange, as I have virtual and physical member on DAG and VDP does not work for physical DAG.
Winbackup I can run on both, if it works
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that means I wont be able to schedule two backups pointing to same destination share, one for database one for full image.
About rentention Windows message is clear that it would only keep one backup on share, which is fine with me that I don't to define storage limit. But it does not show anything about running two backup on same server at different hours at night.

Or may be I am better off with complete backup instead of database level backup. I was using VDP for application level backup but that was unreliable when I did the test restore. I have failures on VDP for image level backup, which I might be able to fix it after reboot, as I got the feeling that Windows VSS and VDP agent is getting into issue.

Worst case I will setup database backup on Windows and Image level backup from VDP appliance for Vmware
Yes, that is correct. That's why I mentioned using third party backup tool. And if it is not a way out then full backup as you pointed it out.