Exchange 2010 C drive space dropping quickly due to indexing (.ci files) Need advise

Hello, so I am working on an VM Guest Exch2010 system which is running out of C drive space quickly.  Less that 3GB left.  The DB white space is find over 40GB.  The total DB size is 550GB.  I see that the catalogdata folder keeps taking up space.  I have an immediate need to stop this...  

Secondary - Moving forward, I am planning on setting up a second Exchange Server DAG and move some of the mailboxes to this newly created Exchange Server.  Many questions on this I think.  But mainly, how do I "shrink" the DB size so my C drive gets some of that space back?
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sXmont1j6Author Commented:
Forgot to mention log files are on different drive
Belal KhalladSR ConsultantCommented:
what is the retention set on the database :
get-mailboxdatabase "databasename |fl *retention*

The deleted item retention is set by default to 14 days, this could cause the database to grow as well.
Get-Mailboxdatabase "databasename |fl recoverable*

To check White space you would run
\>Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | ft name,databasesize,availablenewmailboxspace -auto
you can run an offline defrag to reclaim the white space. Keep in mind though you need an amount of free space equivalent to 1.1x the predicted size of the new file . So if you do not have the required space to run an offline defrag you can specify a different temporary location to hold the temp database.

for example:
go to the folder that contain the Exchange database
Dismount-database databasename
run Eseutil to defrag the file
 D:\>eseutil /d yourdatabasename.edb /t\\testserver\defrag\temp.edb
once completed go ahead and mount the database.
Please note an offline defrag could take a very long time to complete, and therefore you need to plan accordingly.

it is probably better to jet to move the database to another drive where you have more space.

sXmont1j6Author Commented:
I don't believe you answered any of my immediate needs.
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sXmont1j6Author Commented:
What if I created a couple more DBs on different drives and moved mailboxes to those other DBs to decrease the size of this massive 600GB DB?
Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
go to services    stop  "Microsoft Search (Exchange)"

go to database :rename catalog data folder to .old"

and start the service start  "Microsoft Search (Exchange)"

it'll rebuilt indexing  

after complete indexing delete .old

it'll reduce the space ... nicely...

all the best

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sXmont1j6Author Commented:
What is the downside of keeping the 'Microsoft Search (Exchange)' stopped until I am able to clean up that Exchange Server?
Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
nothing much.... only search will effect on owa and anywhere...

no need to worry about it.... it'll start rebuild indexing ìmmediate after start the service... so it's a couple of minutes of matter....

if search i so important then do it at evening hours... so the effect od search impact to less users...

stopping this service will not effect to any mail flow...

all the best
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