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Which NuGet packages do I need to use angular, bootstrap and angular-ui-routing

I need 3 things: angular, angular-us-routing, and bootstrap. I want to keep the number of NuGet packages I download to a minimum. I've found information that if I use Angular UI Bootstrap, I will not need JQuery, which I am trying to avoid. So after installing Angular UI Bootstrap package I did not get angular.min.js, only ui-bootstrap.min.js, ui-bootstrap.js and two other ui-bootstrap files. I also did not get bootstrap.css or bootstrap.min.css, only ui-bootstrap-csp.css.

I need bootstrap because I am using bootstrap grid and to scale the app based on screen size it is viewed on. I am using angular UI routing $state.go.

Can someone point me in the right direction to figure out what do I need to install to keep packages I use to a minimum. Would installing AngularJS Core be sufficient? Is there a way to avoid using JQuery?
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