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Need online fillable form

I am looking for suggestions on how to create an online form that users can fill out and we can then use to populate a database.  This is a student admission application and it is rather detailed.  I have created a fillable form using Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.  This tool does not allow the automatic population of a database: the user must email it back to us and then we import the data into Excel.  The problem is that we want to have this form available on a kiosk computer but since the user must e-mail the form back to us, they would need access to their own e-mail account on the kiosk - not something that we want to do for obvious reasons.

I have ruled out using a web form due to the complexity of the form and the programming that would be required.  

Any other suggestions on how I can accomplish this?
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Too may things required here
I think the simplest way is to have the users who enter the building or the place you wish to keep a database about, and who is attending is to have all users register at a desk then they are given a pass card or something similar that way each time they access the place they have to use the pass card that logs them and the details you already have to your database. It should give you all you need to know.
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By admission form I mean a an application for enrollment (admission as a student) at our school, not physical admission to a facility.  It exists as a 3 page fillable PDF document and I am looking for a way to link that back to a database.

The kiosk feature is an optional capability.
Have you thought of using Google forms to do this? The form data CAN be transferred automatically to a spreadsheet: Choose a form response destination
Yes, we have considered using Google forms, however, the application is quite complex and we don't feel that the layout capabilities of Google forms create an intuitive experience for the end user.  This may be our only viable option.

The Adobe distribution application within Acrobat 10 Standard allows the import of responses into a spreadsheet but unless I have access to a Sharepoint server, the user must return the application using their e-mail client which involves connecting it to Adobe and we are trying to make the process more seamless.
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It was the simplest solution