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Decrease amount of movement for PowerPoint nudges


How do you adjust the distance an object moves when nudged in PowerPoint?

I recently upgraded to a 4K monitor and doing so has resulted in a variety of size changes (some large and some small) for different parts of different applications. One change which is particularly bothersome is the size of jump in the location of an object in PowerPoint when it is nudged. By nudging, I am referring to the change in position of an object which occurs when the object is selected and then moved using the direction keys (up, down, left, right).

Previously, nudging an object would result in the very slightest of movements in its position -- maybe only a pixel or two. And that continues to be the case with objects inserted into an Excel spreadsheet. However, currently in my PowerPoint app, a single nudge causes a jump of ~1/3 cm (~1/8 in).

Is there a setting I can adjust to fix this or can someone suggest a solution?

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