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vSphere Distribution Switch Configuration 6.0

Hi Experts,

I am in the process of implementing a new vSphere with Operation Manager virtual environment.

I created two Datacenter and two clusters. both datacenter are using the same vCenter server (VCSA 6.0).

I created a new distribution switch and assigned all the port groups for this switch. The new VDS is attached to the first Datacenter object and the hosts in this data center.

How do I attached this new VDS to the second datacenter and hosts in the second datacenter?
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OK, Thank you.

This makes sense why I could not extend it to the other data center object event though I am using one vCenter server to manage both data centers.

Do you recommend me creating a new VDS for the second data center or just create a backup of the current VDS and then import it to the second data center ? The current VDS have the same port groups and IP VLANs that I will need for the second data center.

What is your recommendation on this item?

Should I have just created one data center for all my six hosts and just put the six hosts in one HA cluster?

I created two data centers object in vcenter to organised/separate the resources for the two physical data center locations.

Thank you.
It depends on the purpose of VMs running in 2 different data centers, Network connectivity between both physical DC.
Creating a data center object in vCenter is like drawing a line.
Resources in DC1 is different than in DC2.
Each DC object will have its cluster of hosts.

Creating data center just to separate the resources doesn't make much sense unless you want to isolate the hosts and features between physical data centers.
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So my physical data centers are located in two physical locations and are currently using two separate v center servers. There is network connectivity between both sides.  We use SRM for DR.  The host servers are located in the two separate physical data centers.

I am changing this and using just one v center to manage the virtual environment.

I  am able to add both DC A and DC B to the new v center server.

The idea is to create a stretch cluster and do a way the SRM in the virtual environment.

We are running a distributed network environment.