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I am running Windows 10 on my HP laptop. When I run sysinternals' autoruns I notice there are about 150 "Scheduled Tasks" listed.
My laptop is not loaded with a bunch of programs. Antivirus, Chrome, the usual. All but about 10 of the scheduled tasks are Windows tasks. Is 150 tasks normal? How many scheduled tasks do your Windows 10 have?
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That seems about right and the majority on my Windows 10 machine are Windows tasks. Some Office, some Apple, some Lenovo, but mostly Windows.

My Windows 10 machines both work well and fast so I do not think it is anything to be concerned about. Some of the Windows tasks probably show up in Services, some appear to do one time things.

I think I recall roughly the same when this same machine I am on was Windows 8 (later upgraded).
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My W10 has about 120 tasks. If you filter out all MS tasks you should see only a few, which are non-MS tasks, and those are which you might need to care about.
W10 does a lot in the background - system defrags, cleanup, index preparation, checking for live tile changes, checking for news feeds, ...


Thanks people. Good to know. Qlemo I will check into those background tasks.

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